At TNF 2021 GreenEco Investments LLC presented tools for CO₂ emissions assessment, absorption and reduction

In the first twenty years of the 21st century, the number of natural disasters on the planet like forest fires, melting glaciers, floods and droughts has doubled and continues to increase. The world’s scientific community considers global warming as the main cause of the current changes and states that if we do not act right now, in 30 years there will be nothing left to save, because the process will be irreversible.

The issues of reducing carbon footprint in production, refining and transportation of oil and petroleum products, as well as phasing out of hydrocarbon energy sources and transition to green energy were actively discussed from 14 to 16 September at TNF 2021 - Tyumen Oil and Gas Forum, which took place in West Siberian Innovation Center.

The intention to move towards sustainability was expressed by major industry representatives. PJSC "Gazprom Neft" announced their readiness to develop projects to reduce carbon footprint and PJSC "LUKOIL" reported achieving 97.8% utilization of associated petroleum gas. In addition, the Governor of Tyumen region Alexander Viktorovich Moor announced the opening of the region's second carbon polygon near Tobolsk next year: "This place was not chosen by chance, it has a wide range of vegetation and biological ecosystems that will allow to account for emissions and assimilative capacity of all ecosystems. Technologies that save and restore ecological balance and the inevitability of the coming energy transition were discussed during the session "New Industrial Policy: World in the Age of Global Change".

GreenEco Investments LLC, as an independent player, was the first and the only participant of the forum presenting projects aimed at reducing or offsetting carbon footprint of industrial enterprises. The company focuses on the integration of advanced Russian and foreign technologies and approaches to reduce CO₂ emissions, development of measures to offset the impact of greenhouse gases in the Earth's ecosphere and improvement of the emissions measurement’s accuracy.

A member of the Supervisory Board of GreenEco Investments LLC Igor Valerievich Kolesnikov noted: "there can be a lot of potential solutions to climate problems, including the transition to hydrogen fuel and electric cars, the widespread introduction of renewable energy and systems to capture greenhouse gas emissions. However, it is important to find and implement optimal solutions, in terms of both costs and minimization of the possible negative effects of decarbonization technologies on the environment, taking into account the full life cycle.
For example, the generation of electricity from renewable energy sources and its further use for charging electric cars at first glance can significantly reduce the carbon footprint. However, given the full life cycle of the technologies used, their environmental impact is not so obvious: the production of batteries for electric cars, as well as equipment for renewable generation, associate with a large carbon footprint. 

In order to achieve a cumulative reduction of emissions, it is necessary to approach the problem in an integrated manner. That is why it is important that not only oil and gas players presented at the Forum, but also representatives of scientific community, as well as service companies, which have to develop and offer the most viable market solutions. We could see great interest in the stand of GreenEco Investments LLC from the representatives of oil and gas companies, as well as from the companies providing oilfield services. The dialogue that started at the TNF will definitely continue and I am sure that as a result we will be able to launch new joint projects".

By the end of the second quarter of 2021 GreenEco Investments LLC has managed to attract more than 7 billion rubles from private investors which will be used to invest in decarbonization and green technology projects in Russia.

At the forum an agreement on "Development of cooperation in the field of climate projects" was signed between the Dean of Tyumen State University Ivan Sergeevich Romanchuk, General Director of the autonomous nonprofit organization "Agency for the Development of scientific and educational projects" Denis Valerevich Neustroyev and a member of the Supervisory Board of GreenEco Investments LLC Igor Valerevich Kolesnikov.

The parties confirmed their intention to carry out joint research projects, develop new competitive technologies and products, ensure the practical use of the results obtained through joint research and development, and train personnel to solve scientific and technological issues in the field of decarbonization of the industrial sector and absorption of greenhouse gases by ecosystems of the Russian Federation.

The importance of signing the agreement was emphasized by Deputy Minister and Head of Digital Transformation Department of the Russian Ministry of Energy Pavel Yuryevich Sorokin: "hydrocarbons are now under pressure. Since the hydrocarbon segment is a substantial part of the economy and a customer of a large number of industrial equipment, as well as a donor in terms of taxes, we must realize that in spite of regulation, it is important to ensure an acceptable level of the sector’s operation costs.

The need of developing cutting-edge technologies for absorption and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions was also noted by one of the signatories of the agreement, the Dean of Tyumen State University Ivan Sergeevich Romanchuk: "Siberia is a unique territory. At the TNF 2021 TyumSU will sign a number of agreements with investment companies, research centers and universities. These agreements will concern primarily joint climate projects and projects on carbon deactivation, as well as the development of human capital".

The representatives of GreenEco Investments LLC visualized the possibilities of application of environmental programs thanks to the company's stand at TNF 2021: live plants that saturate the atmosphere with oxygen and recycle carbon dioxide generated in crowded places were used in the design. Additionally, environmentally friendly materials and energy-efficient lighting systems were used in the design of the stand, demonstrating the prospects for implementation of green technologies and the possibility to follow global trends aimed at reducing and offsetting the carbon footprint. 

The trend for the development of green energy and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions has become one of the top 10 topics discussed in the global community in recent years. Today policy and business representatives in most countries do their best to minimize the damage caused to the Earth's ecosphere by the active use of hydrocarbon energy sources in the 20th century.

A member of the Supervisory Board of GreenEco Investments LLC Igor Valerievich Kolesnikov commented "Tyumen is a key region for us, today we are actively working on pilot projects to implement the best world practices in the field of forest management, as well as working on reducing emissions at oil refineries. Decarbonization is one of the most science-intensive industries, so we cooperate with Tyumen State University to jointly implement environmental monitoring technologies. 

TNF platform makes it possible to gather representatives of the oil and gas industry and direct the dialogue to the full range of specific issues important for the sector and discuss the current agenda in detail. At the Forum the innovative trends in the industry were discussed and practical steps to implement them were formulated. It is encouraging that a trend towards decarbonization was at the core of this year's discussions: almost all key participants noted the importance of these trends and discussed practical initiatives aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions along the entire chain, from production to processing and transportation of hydrocarbons".

Tyumen is located in one of the key geographic areas for the Russian oil and gas sector and is an important partner for many industry companies. It is an excellent place to implement environmental programs.

TNF 2021 is the largest regional oil and gas forum in Russia, organized with the support of the Government of the Russian Federation and the Tyumen Region. The forum brought together more than ten thousand participants from 20 countries and became a place for direct dialogue between the state, corporations, small business and educational institutions. It is a space without borders, open to new trends and technologies. It is a platform where specific decisions are made and experts create the future of the fuel and energy sector.